Investment Advisory Services

Part of planning for your future involves making educated decisions about managing your wealth and savings. We have the knowledge to guide you through the increasingly complex roadmap of investments that are available in today’s growing financial market.

The financial market offers a wide variety of different investment products for investors to purchase—from relatively straightforward investment types (securities) like stocks, bonds, and short-term/cash-equivalent investments, to portfolios that combine these investment types within various products, such as mutual funds, annuities and variable life insurance policies.

Investors may choose different investment products to meet a variety of needs, including retirement and estate planning, education financing and for funding purchases of all sizes. We can help select appropriate investment products based on your goal for the investment, individual profile (comfort with risk, length of time to invest) and a product’s fees and tax considerations (some investment products have built-in tax advantages). We can help you develop a plan for your investments that takes these key factors into consideration.

Investing is also about taking steps to protect your financial future. Investors should develop a plan that addresses specific short- and long-term goals and that can be maintained and adjusted, as appropriate.

On the road to financial independence, you don’t have to go it alone and risk making the wrong projections. If you don’t have expertise in financial products and planning, Roell Capital Management can help you make educated decisions and develop a plan.

Our Capacity




Should advanced levels of investment management be required, we have relationships with some of the most respected money managers in the country.

Investment minimums apply*

*LMCG Investments, LLC: $500K, Wilmington Trust: $3 Million, BNY Mellon: $500K, J.P. Morgan: $5 Million, CIBC National Trust: $3 Million